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What You Need To Know About Spay And Neuter

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering

Many pet owners inquire about the spay & neuter process to determine whether it is necessary for their dog or cat. If you are a pet owner, contact All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar to make an appointment with our veterinarian for a check-up and to discuss spaying/ neutering surgery.. After this checkup is conducted, our vet can schedule a spay or neuter surgery for your pet. Here is some information about spaying and neutering pets to read over so you understand why it is important, how to prepare your pet, and how to care for it after surgery.

Why Spaying or Neutering Is Important for Pets

Unwanted puppies and kittens are abundant in this country, leading to overpopulation in humane societies and an overwhelming number of strays on the streets. If you do not wish for your cat or dog to be involved in reproducing, it is important to have them spayed or neutered. In addition to stopping the reproduction process, spaying or neutering will help to keep your pet protected against reproductive cancer. Behavioral issues may cease as well after the surgery is conducted.

How to Prepare Your Pet for a Spay & Neuter Surgery

Before your dog or cat can have a spay & neuter surgery, our veterinarian will need to give it a comprehensive examination to ensure your pet healthy enough for the procedure. If your pet is cleared for the procedure by our veterinarian, we will schedule a date for surgery. Your pet will not be able to eat or drink for several hours before the operation. This is because general anesthesia is used and your pet could aspirate if there is ingesta in the stomach. Our veterinarian will provide you with details before the surgery date.

How to Care for Your Pet Afterward

After surgery, your dog or cat may be lethargic and might not want to eat or drink for several hours. Allow your pet to rest comfortably in a spot away from loud sounds and activity.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

You can call All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar at (858) 481-7992 to schedule an appointment with our staff today! We will answer all of your questions regarding this surgery, including what to do for postoperative care.

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