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How to Prepare for Your First Road Trip with Your Pet

Your First Road Trip with Your Pet

Taking pet road trips can create exciting, yet chaotic, times. If you are bringing a pet on vacation this summer, there are a few preparatory steps to take before leaving. Here are some travel tips to keep in mind when heading out for your first road trip with a pet, including information about why a visit to All Creatures Hospital, Inc. in Del Mar to meet with our veterinarian is a good idea before you take to the road.

Get the Right Supplies Ahead of Time

There are a few supplies you need on hand to keep your pet safe while traveling. Make sure you have any documentation pertaining to vet care your pet has received so it can be used for treatment purposes if your pet happens to become ill while on the road. Invest in a carrier for your pet so he is protected while in transit. If you would rather use a leash, test its security beforehand to ensure it is strong enough to keep your pet tethered when necessary. Invest in a water bowl and food dish for the road as well.

Keep Your Pet's Comfort in Mind

When you travel with pets, they will likely have restricted access to the interior of your vehicle while you drive. To keep your pet comfortable, provide a soft blanket for resting inside of a carrier or cage. If you are using a leash, make sure your pet has enough room for moving around without the ability to reach the driver's seat. Stop often while traveling to provide your pet with a chance to walk around. This can be done with a leash or inside of your vehicle under your supervision.

Make an Appointment with Our Veterinarian

Our veterinarian will provide your pet with a comprehensive exam before traveling to check for potential medical risks. It is important that your pet be current on their immunizations and heartworm prevention. These can be updated at the time of the exam. At All Creatures Hospital, Inc. in Del Mar, we provide microchipping services, emergency care, and routine exams for pets. Call us at (858) 481-7992 for more information.

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