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Why Are Pet Dental Exams Important

Importance of Pet Dental

Pet Dental Exams and Why It is Important

Brushing your teeth frequently, avoiding harmful foods and having them checked more often is a recipe for perfect dental health.  But how often do you do the same for your pet? It is equally important to see it attain dental wellness. Neglecting your pet’s oral health, attract dental diseases like gum inflammation or gingivitis, periodontitis, loss of teeth, and bad breath. Therefore, having your dog or cat’s mouth examined by a qualified veterinarian in Del Mar, CA is imperative.

Benefits of Routine Pet Dental Checks at All Creatures Hospital

Pet owners should realize the benefits of conducting regular oral exams for their pets. Over 80% of all pets suffer periodontal disease by the time they are three years old. Frequent checkups will ensure pets do not develop such diseases or better still corrected at their early stages. While brushing its teeth at home would do, taking it to get examined in All Creatures Hospital ensures that infections are identified and the best treatment administered. 

A veterinarian in Del Mar will help by examining and administering anesthesia to your pet before conducting treatment or removing its teeth. This makes the pet comfortable throughout the process. A pet’s oral examination should be done at least ones or twice each year.

When Is It Appropriate To Take The Pet For An Oral Exam?

There is no good time to have your dog or cat examined. However, you might be overwhelmed at work to almost neglect their medical needs. Rush them to us when you notice they have bad breath, loose and broken teeth, reduced appetite, teeth discoloration, oral swells, extra teeth, oral bleeding etc.

Schedule Your Pet Next Dental Exam at All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar

At All Creatures Hospital, we are licensed and experienced vets sure to not only examine and treat your dog’s oral needs but also the pet’s overall medical needs. Our facility is open daily from 6 am to 8 pm. You can schedule an appointment with us today via phone, (858) 481-7992. You can also visit us during working hours at 3665 Via De La Valle Del Mar, CA 92014

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