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Pet Dentistry FAQs

Pet Dentistry FAQs

Pet Dentistry FAQs at The All Creatures Hospital

Pets just like humans have the right to good health. Pet dental care has an advantage in its overall health. Research states that up to 85% of all pets suffer periodontal disease by the time they hit 3 years.  When your pet presents with bad breath, loss of teeth, and experiences pain while chewing, then an oral disease is more likely present. At the All Creatures Hospital CA, we recommend that you should have your pet's teeth and gums checked at least once every year by a veterinarian in Del Mar, CA. We think these frequently asked questions will address most of your doubts and worries about your dog or cat’s oral health.

Why Is Pet Oral Care Important?

Your dog’s mouth is considered cleaner than human’s but still needs cleaning and medical care. Clean and healthy mouth sends periodontal diseases at bay. When there’s plaque buildup in the mouth, it soon turns into tartar and soon grows bacteria. Bacterial affects its teeth and gums. Soon it acquires bad breath, pain while chewing, periodontal disease and equally, loss of teeth. Dental checkup ensures it painlessly loses its baby teeth. It ensures its teeth remains sparkling white, and the overall health of your pet is guaranteed.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Cleanings?

Our professional veterinarian in Del Mar, CA will get rid of visible plaque and bacteria under your pet’s gums thus getting rid of oral sources of infection in the mouth. This will see it grow older with all its sets of teeth, and free from discomfort while eating.

What Can I Expect From A Pet Dental Exam?

At All Creatures Hospital, our professional will conduct a thorough examination of your pet’s mouth, identifying abnormalities and infections. We also administer anesthesia to the pet to ensure they remain comfortable throughout the process of cleaning and treatment. 

Schedule Your Pet Dental Exam At Our Del Mar Veterinarian

Scheduling an appointment at our hospital is fast and straightforward contact us daily through our website, phone: (858) 481-7992, and our Facebook page, and have your pet’s oral health protected.


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