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​Flea & Tick Prevention Methods

​Flea & Tick Prevention Methods in Del Mar, CA.

Flea & Tick Prevention Methods

Besides causing discomfort to your pet, fleas and ticks can cause serious health problem. One, therefore, needs to acquaint themselves with several ways to protect their pets from fleas and ticks, so that they minimize instances of visiting a veterinarian in Del Mar, CA. At the All Creatures Hospital, we will help you choose a suitable option for flea & tick prevention, as well as treat pet diseases as a result of these parasites. We however highly recommend you follow these methods to keep these parasites at bay.

Spot-on Treatments

Buy a spot-on medication from a veterinarian in Del Mar, CA and control ticks and fleas. Most of them are able to be effective for up to a month after they are applied. However, ensure you use the appropriate one as advised by our qualified All Creatures Hospital vets.

Regular Pet Grooming

Not only does grooming enable you to spend quality time with your 4-legged friend, but it helps you to watch out for any parasites that may be under the pet’s coat. Bath the pet with a shampoo that has chemicals essential to kill parasites. 

Use Oral Medications

There are pills that should be orally administered to the pet once a month. They are good at killing these parasites and also killing immature fleas from the pet’s fur. Administering them is easy and they are safe for kids too when they come into contact with the pet. Also, get advice from a veterinarian in Del Mar, CA. 

Treat Your Lawn and House

Have your lawn trimmed and minimize parasites’ population. It is here that they are likely most likely to breed and disturbing their breeding ground significantly affects their population. Use yard spray and granular treatments got from a vet and follow every precaution when applying.

Protect Your Pet From Fleas & Ticks at All Creatures Hospital

If you need more advise today on these methods, All Creatures Hospital is the place to call or visit. We are located in 3665 Via De La Valle Del Mar, CA 9201. Call us at (858) 481-7992 today.

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