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National Dog Day in August

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All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar, CA Discusses National Dog Day in August

Consider this a reminder to mark your calendars, because August 26th is International Dog Day! In August we will be celebrating our beloved canine friends.

What is International Dog Day

August 26th is a day used to celebrate dog ownership, encourage canine adoption, and spread awareness about the importance of vet care. Dogs hold a special place in our culture and in our lives. They have been dubbed "man's best friend" for a reason. Our canines bring us true love, loyalty, protection, and companionship. Trained dogs are capable of aiding humans, whether it be guiding the blind or performing sniffs for drug operations. Some dogs even risk their own lives to save us in life-threatening situations. We have all the reason to recognize how these animals have touched our lives.

The Host of International Dog Day

International Dog Day was originally founded by animal behaviorist and dog lover Colleen Paige. She initiated this holiday to inform the public about the abuse and neglect that goes on in puppy mills. You can celebrate this day by visiting a local pet shelter, pet store, or animal rescue drive in your area.

The Importance of Veterinary Care

Are you a dog owner in Del Mar, California? The All Creatures Hospital would like to invite you over on August 26th. Our veterinary care center is dedicated to bringing health and wellness to your canine friends. International Dog Day isn't just about recognizing the impact of dogs; it's about taking steps to ensure that our canines can live happy and prosperous lives. They can't do that if they're afflicted with a health problem.

Contact Our All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar, CA Today!

Make sure that your pet lives a pain-free life by checking him or her into the veterinarian. Our numerous services are provided by a compassionate and well-trained staff. We can perform a simple checkup for your dog on August 26th. If you are interested, call us now at 858-481-7992.

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