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Animal Pain Awareness Month

Animal Pain Awareness Month From Your Del Mar Veterinarian

September has been designated as Animal Pain Awareness Month by The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM). All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar, CA and animal hospitals around the country join IVAPM in encouraging you to contact a veterinarian to learn more about pet pain management.

What Is It?

Animal Pain Awareness Month is the month in which the IVAPM and veterinary organizations come together to raise awareness about pet pain and pet pain management. It is an opportunity to educate you and other pet owners about pain management and how it can affect your pet’s health and well-being.

Why Is It Important?

Your pet experiences pain just like you do. The difference is in how you and your pet express pain. Is your pet in pain? You might complain – “My back is killing me!” The frown or expression on your face also may indicate pain. A pet in pain may not express their pain in a way that is obvious to you. It is essential that you be aware of key indicators of your pet in pain.

There are different kinds of pain- acute, chronic and postoperative. Watch for changes in your pet’s behavior. Acute or severe pain is more noticeable. Your pet may be more vocal when experiencing acute pain. You are more likely to overlook chronic pet pain. You may see your pet slowing down and becoming less active as a sign of age, when they may be in pain. They may have arthritis, hip, or back problems. Other indicators of chronic pain include:

• Changes in how your pet walks

• Changes in posture

• Cats hide when they are in pain

• Shying away from activities they once enjoyed (belly rubs, back scratching)

Who Hosts the Event?

September 2018 is the fourth annual Animal Pain Awareness Month. Veterinary organizations around the country are hosting the event. Get involved in helping raise awareness about pet pain. Make an appointment now with a veterinarian at All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar. Call (858) 481-7992.

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