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Celebrate Happy Cat Month This September With Your Del Mar Veterinarian

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Celebrate Happy Cat Month This September With Your Del Mar Veterinarian

Humans and cats have lived alongside each other for more than 4,000 years. From pest control to unconditional love, they have played an important role in our households. While cat lovers work throughout the year to ensure their feline companions are happy and healthy, Happy Cat Month is a time to honor and celebrate all they do to enrich our lives. The staff at All Creatures Hospital of Del Mar is here to help ensure your cat is well cared for, not just in September, but every day.

What is Happy Cat Month?

Happy Cat Month, celebrated every September, is an annual event hosted by CATalyst Council. Its purpose is to educate cat owners regarding the health and happiness of their pets. Historically, cats have been viewed as self-reliant, requiring less medical attention than dogs. CATalyst Council’s goal is to use September to assist in breaking down those stereotypes, insuring every cat lives an enriched life and receives proper preventative care. Your All Creatures Hospital veterinarian staff offers a few tips to ensure your cat is happy this month, and every month thereafter.

Visit Your Veterinarian

With the proper preventative care program, your cat can live a long, healthy life. While many cat owners dread their cat’s trip to the vet, we're here to ensure a safe and pleasant trip for both you and your pet. CATalyst Council offers some helpful tips for getting your cats acclimated to their carriers.

Offer Them a Safe Space

Cats who are not provided a safe spot to call their own will often begin to mark their territory. This month, consider providing your cat with a place all to himself. A cat tower or a warm, sunny spot will ensure maximum purrs.

Contact Your Del Mar Veterinarians at All Creatures Hospital Today!

The veterinarians at All Creatures Hospital of Del Mar are here for all your veterinary needs. From pet wellness exams to dental health care, the staff is dedicated to your pet’s well-being. Call (858) 481-7992 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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