ACHI COVID-19 Policy Update

June 15, 2021

To: Our Valued Clients

Re: Revised COVID-19 policy guidelines issued by the Federal and California state governments for businesses like ours.

These policy changes will be in effect starting (Monday) June 21, 2021.

For Clients and their pets

  1. Clients who have been properly vaccinated no long will be required to wear a mask inside and outside the hospital.
  2. Clients with appointments will be escorted into the hospital by a staff member.
  3. Clients with appointments will be admitted to the hospital and placed in an Exam Room.
    • Clients are not allowed to wait in the hospital in the Waiting Room or at the Front Desk.
    • Clients with appointments are either in an Exam Room or waiting outside the hospital.
  4. Clients in the Exam Rooms need to be checked out in the Exam Room before going outside.
  5. Clients can opt to continue seeing the Doctor as before where the clients stay outside the hospital; Techs meet with clients outside and bring the pet into the hospital for the Doctor to examine; and the doctor can speak with the clients over the phone or meet them outside

These are initial guidelines for us to follow. There will be modifications and additions to these guidelines in the future. My goal is to develop simple guidelines that are easy to follow.

It is important that everyone feels comfortable.

Congratulations to everyone who has endured the past 1 ½ years of restrictions. This is a huge accomplishment for everyone.

This is our first big step to get back to normalcy!!!!
Michael H. Mulvany DVM MS

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