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Additional reviews:

Hi everyone at All Creatures

I stopped by to drop off a Cookie of Appreciation from Riley, Coco and me after our visit this morning. It simply said "With love, Riley & Coco"

What I did not have room to put on the cookie was the huge amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for the entire staff, front and back, and all the talented vets (especially Jenna Fransioli).

You all show such compassion, empathy, skill and general goodness towards your clients and our pets. Your kindness & patience overwhelms me at times, especially like today when I was at my saddest and lowest.

This thank you comes not on the heels of a relief that my sweet little pupster is going to be miraculously ok. So very sadly, the time will come that Coco and Riley will not be doing well enough to continue (hopefully way, way down the road), but the fact that they got this far and as amazingly well as they did given the issues they both suffer is a testament to all of you and your great efforts....oh, and me being a mom who's become equal parts personal chef, personal banker and cheerleader.

I love my two dogs as much as I love my own children. I sincerely thank you for taking such great care of them and allowing us to have so many happy, healthy years together.


All Creatures Staff,

I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude for your exceptional treatment of Sami and I . Your kindness, efficiency and consideration greatly reduced the trauma and stress associated with Sami’s dental treatment. What I had worried about for weeks developed into a significantly easier process than I had ever envisioned.
Sami is doing very well. She was a bit wobbly Monday night, but was playing “batter-up” with her fur mice, and hide-and-seek with me by Tuesday morning. Her antibiotic squirts are almost gone, and we are both eagerly anticipating seeing that bottle in the trash can!
Once more, thanks to everyone concerned.The doctor’s tender care of her “geriatric” patient has allowed me to enjoy the company of my cherished friend for, hopefully, many more years.

Julie M. R.

Just a note to try to put into words our heartfelt gratitude for the loving care you and your staff gave to our Dandy when he was hospitalized last month with pneumonia.
Your concern has always been for the patient you are treating, and this was so evident as you took so many steps to ensure his recovery. Along with the excellent medical care he received from you, he also received patience and gentleness as you examined him.
We are so very happy to have our noble Dandy home with us. Now, all our family is together, under one roof, and it is wonderful.
Our sincerest thanks to you and every one who helped Dandy recover.

Carol and Bob P.

Dear All Creatures Hospital,
A big THANK YOU for providing your usual superb quality of care this week when I brought Molly in after being attacked another dog and needing sutures where her leg had been bitten/slashed open…
The level of care you provide is really quite remarkable. I have found every individual working at the clinic warm and personable and competent. I have also found all of you to be sensitive to the depth of feeling involved in these human-animal friendships, and willing to be flexible and understanding about the special emotional needs humans have when their animal friends are in pain and/or danger.
I hope you all feel good about the work you do and the difference it makes other people’s and animals’ lives. To be treated competently, with gentleness and respect, is a great gift. Molly and I thank you.


River M.

Dear All Creatures Staff:

I wanted to write a short note to let you know how pleased I was with the level of service Mandy and I received at your hospital on Tuesday. My first contact, on the phone, was Lynn, and she was pleasant and professional. Each of the technicians we encountered was, as well. Dr. Mulvany took the time to fully explain the problem and its treatment, and I appreciate having the menu of instructions to follow re: treatment.
In these days of growing customer dissatisfaction, I am always happy to find an area in which the standards of professionalism and helpfulness still prevail.
I will not hesitate to recommend All Creatures to my friends with animals.


Gerry S.

Dr. Michael Mulvany,

A week ago today I thought my wonderful dog, Frank, was going to die. I brought him to your office Saturday morning, and we suspected that he had eaten rat or mouse poison. As you know, from my last call Monday, he improved very sooner after taking vitamin K and antibiotics, and now Frank is perfectly normal. He’s eating, he’s stopped drinking all the time, he’s running up and down the stairs again, he’s swimming in the ocean with gusto, and is generally making a pest of himself, just like he always has.
I am writing you this letter to thank you and the people at All Creatures Hospital for being so nice and, most of all, for saving my dog. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you spent explaining his condition to me, and I didn’t even have an appointment there. It was particularly kind of you to take the time to show me his chest x-rays and explain the difference between his lungs and those of a normal animal. Many vets (and human doctors) wouldn’t take that kind of time with a client. Also, I appreciate your understanding of my financial situation, and your willingness to help me keep Frank’s bills to a minimum. I know you all have some very enthusiastic clients, but I have told all my friends with pets what great treatment Frank got at All Creatures.

Again, thank you very, very much.

Elise L.

Just wanted to let you know I’m doing just great. I took all the pills… they were just like jelly beans, so I would just sit up and my dad would throw me one. Crunch…crunch… it tasted fine. I haven’t been walking in the hills much since my bite… but I have been swimming a lot and playing ball.

You made me all better… Thanks a bunch!!

“Rattlesnake Annie” (a.k.a. Kelsa – The Golden Retriever)

To all of the Doctors and staff at All Creatures Hospital,

We want to thank you for taking such good care of Jake, and of us. You all have been so loving and caring toward us that it made this crisis a little easier to bear. We know Jake has received the best possible care with you and, for that, we are very grateful and fortunate.
Dr. Mulvany, thank you for taking of your own time to restore Jake to a happy and healthy kitty. We couldn’t have even considered not bringing him home to us. Thank you for saving him.
You are all such wonderful people that provide a very loving practice to us pet owners. Keep up the good work and thank you again for keeping our “kids” happy, healthy, and home with us.


Natascha R. & Andy B.

Dear Dr. Mulvany,

We thought you should know we love Holly very much, and today we’re worried about our baby. She’s just the highlight of our life and means everything to us.
We also would like you to know that we have the utmost confidence in your ability and skills. But what my wife and I think makes you so special is your caring and loving heart for animals. So, let us say, we wouldn’t have Holly go to any other veterinarian. You’re the best.

Thank you,

Denise & Ron C.

P.S. Holly says please make it a bikini scar.

Dear Doctors & Staff,

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help and support I received when my dog, Nestor, required neutering. I was very apprehensive and upset that Nestor required this surgery, but everyone involved took the time to explain the surgery and what it entailed. Everyone went that extra mile to help assure me that Nestor would return to his “old personality”. I can’t thank everyone involved enough; your understanding and support really helped!!! Nestor, of course, has fully recovered, and he and Fluppy (our other dog) are both doing well. Thanks again for a job well done!!!!


Kim L.

Dear Staff at ACH:

Thank you for your kindness and support on Monday, January 28th, when my pet sitter, Paul, and I brought in my German Shepherd, Baron. After fighting off a blood infection for months, Baron stopped eating and died in his sleep. You were all so helpful in handling my beloved pet. Over the years, I have appreciated your calm assistance with my dogs, including Gretta, Tojo, Elsa and, now, Baron.

Teresa D.

Dear All Creatures Hospital:

I apologize for the delay in sending this note. It has been very important that we express in writing our appreciation for the kindness of your doctor and the other staff members.
As you may remember, we were taking a short vacation in the San Diego area with our dog, Gracie, when we sought out your services. We discovered that, for some unknown reason, Gracie suddenly doesn’t like car rides. Her nervousness and panting was so severe driving to California, we didn’t want a similar experience returning to Tuscon. A Woman we met on the Del Mar Beach on November 29th recommended your clinic.
So, we drove to All Creatures Hospital and walked in without an appointment. But, we were not turned away, nor were we treated with disrespect in any way. The first act of kindness was when one of the staff offered Gracie some water. Then we met with Dr. D’Amore, who was truly kind, caring, and displayed genuine concern for our special girl. We were prescribed some medication and left feeling very much relieved.
Needless to say, Miss Gracie did not respond to the medication on our trip back to Arizona. But, as soon as we arrived home, she was as calm as a sea of glass. We were dumbfounded. We suspect that this new behavior could be due to her missing her older sister, who passed away at the end of September. We will have to work on this problem, because we love to have her travel with us.
So, to Dr. D’Amore and other staff members, Thank You for everything you did for us. We will always remember your kindness and compassion. Del Mar is lucky to have you in their community!

Best Regards,

Pat & Bill C.

To the Entire Family at All Creatures,

Not a day went by that I didn’t tell Jozee: “Everyone who knows you, loves you.”
Tom and I know that included all of you. We will never forget your kindness, your diligence, and your desire to keep on fighting.
You see, you all have to realize; when you were taking care of Jozee, you were also taking care of us.

With Deep Gratitude,

Teresa & Tom P.

Dear All Creatures Staff,

Tom & I want to thank all of you for caring for Max throughout the past many years. Dr. Beail was so great with treatments to extend his life. Dr. Greenlee helped us decide what to do at the end, and Dr. Mulvany and Heather helped me be with Max at his peaceful end. We are O.K. and know that Max is in Kitty Heaven.

Jodi & Tom D.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful card. Very much appreciated.
It was a difficult time for us, losing Bogart, and having you to help us with the final steps was a blessing.
Thank you again for your helpfulness and kindness.

John & Loretta B.

Dear All Creatures Staff…

Thank you so much for taking such great care of Sage! He got an extra year from all of your care last year (in hospital over Christmas). We appreciate all of your help in his last days, as he was one of the great joys of our life! What a kind, compassionate group of workers… front desk is great and always helpful, vet techs who ROCK and also the great vets!! We’ve told all our friends how great you are!

We thank you all —

Kerri & Jeff G.

Dear Dr. Beail, Dr. Greenlee, Dr. Tashjian, Dr. Vineyard and All Creatures Hospital Staff,

Thank you so much for taking care of our “Kula”! Your expertise and professionalism helped Kula get back on her feet! Your patient care and outreach to us is so appreciated! Thanks for all you do!

Warm Regards,

Larry, Nanci, Roxy and (most especially) Kula W.

To the staff that worked on Santana,

The Blanchet Family would like to say thank you for all that you tried to do to help our beloved dog, Santana, live. We are very saddened by his passing, but appreciate everything you tried to do and the compassion of your doctor to us.


Stacey, Sharon B. & Bob T.

Dear Doctors & Staff,

Thank you so much for all your efforts to try to save Cooper. We loved him so much and we miss him terribly, but we’re thankful he had such a skilled and loving staff on his side.


Mike, Yvonne, Jack & Max

Dear Staff:

Thank you for your expression of sympathy at our loss of Z-man. He gave us many happy times.
We have adopted a two-year-old Siamese mix to keep Z-man’s brother, Sandman, company. Her name is Fancy, and she keeps Sandman on his toes. Again, thank you for your years of care of Z-man and for your thoughtfulness.


Norman & Theresa W.

We want to thank you so very much for the excellent, loving care you gave to our sweet little Westie, Cellé, on Sunday! You helped to save her life and we will forever be grateful. God bless you all, and keep up the good work.


Kim & Ron S.

Thank you so, so much for the nice cardr. It is so nice to work with nice people like you who understand how painful it is to lose a pet. I was so touched by your compassion. We miss our Mietze so much.

Thank you all,

Nicole C.

We thank you for the loving care you gave our beloved Barney and the many kindnesses you showed us.

Janie K.

I want you all to know how very much your kindness, thoughtfulness, understanding & concern has meant to me. I can’t praise this facility & its people enough. From reception, staff & doctors, every single person working here is good & kind. I never once encountered a bad mood or impatience from anyone.
I can never show or say how much your love of Bob meant to me. You are the reasons she had a happy, comfortable last two years…
Thank you for helping me get through her final moments. She couldn’t have had any more love in that room.

Jane A.

Dear Dr. Greenlee and Staff of All Creatures Hospital,

Kaydon and I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for your kindness and support this summer with Arigato. My friends tease us and say we should change her name to “Money Pit” or “Million Dollar Baby”, but, in reality, although her name originated because of HER thankfulness, Kaydon and I now realize it is us that are truly thankful. Therefore, Arigato it will remain.
Ari is our first “real” pet. We saved money to buy a house for the past six years and, with that purchase last October, had a plan for a dog…next year…and then we fell in love with Ari. It was a little soon for our budget and a cat, but we believe in destiny. Although some might say her destiny was simply to be saved, I believe it to be the impact she has had on our lives. She was mean to re-ground us in the important things in life; to keep our hearts in the right place. No, the Home Depot bill won’t be paid off this summer and, no, we didn’t get that summer vacation… But we had an important reminder to be thankful for life, health and each other, and, for some reason, we are happier than ever.
The amount of happiness, laughter and love this cat has brought to our new home is priceless. Responsibility, concern and love for another are good for the soul.
So, we just wanted to thank you for all you did for Arigato and our family. We know she is still with us because of your concern and efforts. Thank you for your patience, understanding, time, support and, most of all, compassion. Know that every morning we awake thankful for the opportunity to have Ari with us.
With love and good health,


Lisa, Kaydon & Arigato S.

Perhaps you were notified by the veterinary office in Plam Desert, but we had to put Kelsey to sleep on March 9th. Kelsey lived comfortably for 14 months, time with her that we treasured.
Perhaps some staff might remember her for her habit of putting her paws on the counter and smiling.

Thank you all for your care and concern, but you can remove her file from your records.


Sue B.

Dr. Mulvany & Staff –

I want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent care you have provided to our “family”, particularly to our puppy, Annie. Through all of her medical problems at the beginning of her life with us, you and your staff were kind, supportive and professional. You stuck with us, even when other vets said we should have Annie put down. Now, at 8 months, her incontinence has all but disappeared and she has become an excellent pet.
In a matter of days, we will be moving out of state. It will be difficult to find another health care professional that has provided the support and care that you have. Thank you for the help and hope.

(unknown author)

Dear Dr. Greenlee and her staff,

We wanted to “paws” to show you how grateful we are for saving our “1st Baby” Baron’s life! You are awesome. We are so thankful to you and your staff for all your T.L.C.! It is such a relief to have such a good pet hospital nearby.

Many Thanks,

Baron’s Family ♥ - (unknown author)

All Creatures Hospital has always been so wonderful to all of our dogs past and present! Thank you for all you do for our family and others.


Nanci W. with "Roxy" & "Kula"

I'm not sure where to begin...it's been a rough year for many of us, filled with the loss of people and pets we cherished and depended on to make our lives meaningful and rich. In spite of many sad moments, I have constantly been reminded of the gifts of compassion, kindness, expertise and willingness to give more than 100% that you've all shown in taking care of McKee, Emily, Lucky, Persia, and the rest of the zoo. You've helped me through what seemed like one bad diagnosis after another. I must admit, I started to wonder why so much bad Karma was coming my way! I can't express how much the care and support McKee and Emily received from Maja and Dr. Beail meant to me and to my family. They both could teach MDs a thing or two about compassion, forthrightness and support at the end of life!

Hugs to all of you,

Cindi C. with "McKee," "Lucky," "Persia," & "Emily"

Dear All Creatures Hospital,

This letter is to compliment you on the high caliber of professionals in your organization. The woman (Debra) who helped us with our little Bella the last time we were in was not only knowledgeable but extremely helpful and kind.

We have been bringing our dogs to you for more than fourteen years and have always been satisfied with the care they received.

Peggy H. with "Bella"

Dear Dr. Greenlee,

Remember me? I'm that cute brown and white Cocker Spaniel who had the really bad ear infection. My mom wanted me to thank you so much for your treatment. My ears are still doing good and that's what makes me mom happy.

Woof woof,
"Ty" Cagle

Dear All Creatures doctors, technicians, and staff,

Thank you so much for caring and treating Sunshine during her recent rattlesnake bite. We appreciate your time, care, and most importantly the treatment given to her. Thank you! She's doing great!

The Stapakis Family, "Sunshine" & "Duke"

Thank you so much to the entire team at All Creatures, and especially to Dr. Beail and Dr. Heidolph, for the great care, attention and love Darcy received over those very long weeks! We love having our dog back! He is truly enjoying his life at last!

Un Grand Merci from the Kelber Family

Dear Dr. Beail, Dr. Heidolph, and all staff at All Creatures Hospital,

Thank you so much for taking care of Paxton during his awful GDV episode. We are lucky to have you so near and such committed doctors to care for Paxton. Thank you so much!

All the Best,

Paula B., Jeff B. and "Paxton"

Calvin the Cat

At age 16, JK's first job was a summer construction job in southern San Diego. While installing fences, a large, white, female cat would sit and watch him until he finished his work. Eventually, in an attempt to get his attention she would use her claws to scale his body and would then perch on his shoulders. She was an extraordinarily affectionate cat.

Soon it became apparent that she was pregnant, and her appearance was unhealthy and malnourished. He was concerned and brought her canned food for the ensuing month every Monday thru Friday. Each day she would eat ravishingly from his hand.

One day she did not greet JK upon his arrival. This continued for approximately two weeks. Finally, on a scorching hot afternoon JK decided to search for his feline companion. He discovered her hidden near a dumpster with 5 newborn kittens... two white kittens, an orange tabby kitten and two siamese kittens. (Apparently female cats are capable of simultaneous impregnation from several different male cats).

She was unable to nurse the 5 kittens, walk or hunt for food. It appeared that the mother was surviving on garbage scraps. JK was concerned not only for the mother, who apparently belonged to a neighbor, but for the starving kittens as well.

JK made the decision to save the kittens and allow the mother to care for herself. He carefully wrapped the 5 kittens up in his t-shirt and brought them home for his mother to nurse back to health. He knew that she could not refuse or resist the suffering creatures.

His mother bathed the flee infested kittens and set up a nursery in the bathroom. She fed each of them by hand until they were strong enough to eat on their own volition. At the approppriate time she had all 5 spade and neutered. The two white cats were named Romeo and Juliet. Romeo was handsome and large. Juliet was clever with small, delicate facial features and eyes that looked directly into yours, as if she understood your every thought. However, after their first visit to the vet they discovered that Juliet was a boy...thus Juliet and Romeo were renamed. Juliet became Calvin and Romeo was renamed Hobbs.

JK and his family kept the two white male kittens (Calvin and Hobbs), and took the other three to the Humane Society where they were quickly adopted.

Calvin and Hobbs lived with them for 8 years. Jk had gone to college, graduated and returned to San Diego for Law School. He married his college sweetheart and consequently moved to Irvine...where they both practiced law.

His parents divorced. His mother was left to care for their two ninety pound dogs as well as Calvin and Hobbs (each weighing in at 20 pounds). Unfortunately, his mother was moving into a small rental and could only take one pet. She reluctantly found a home in San Diego for the 2 cats with a friend of a friend. ..who promised to love them dearly and call if her situation changed.

In 2011, JK and his new bride, Meg, made the decision to volunteer at the local animal shelter. The second day of volunteering JK walked by a cage with a large, gray or white (difficult to decipher due to the dirt), male cat that was about 10 years of age. He looked so familiar that JK had to take a second glance.

The cat had all the same characteristics of his old pet, Calvin. He had a long, slender face, scar on the nose, small black patch on the forehead, same attitude and personality, extremely affectionate, same size, same age. The signs were all there. Could Calvin have appeared years later in an OC animal shelter ...where JK just happened to be volunteering? Calvin had been adopted in southern San Diego, at least 150 miles south.. Could it be Calvin? It seemed impossible. It was difficult to be certain. This cat was emaciated, sick, dirty and difficult to identify.

Three days later, on Mothers day, he informed his Mom of the situation. Since she knew Calvin best, she insisted that she must to go see if it was him. JK resisted, remarking that it was probably not Calvin and it would be upsetting to her. However, JK's mother was relentless and after several hours JK conceded and they drove to the shelter.

Upon viewing and playing with the cat, his mother was 100% certain it was him. She insisted that she pay for a vet to check the cat and the adoption fees. She wanted to adopt him and bring him home...or preferably sneak him into her condo where pets were not accepted.

There was still some doubt with JK and everyone else that this cat could actually be Calvin. It was difficult to recognize him in his current state. Yet JK's Mom was adamant and insisted that even if it were not Calvin...the cat must be adopted and removed from his deplorable conditions (a tiny cell of a cage.. not large enough to stand properly).

As JK already had two cats in an apartment that allowed NONE, he knew that he could not adopt him. To make the matter worse, his mom had just signed a lease which also excluded owning any animals.

On Thursday the 12th, JK's mom asked him to physically check on the cat and inform the shelter that she wanted to adopt him but could not do so until the following week. JK contacted the shelter to relay the request from his mother. He left a message that his Mom would either donate the adoption fees and/or pay to adopt the cat. When JK heard back from the shelter employee, she informed him that Calvin was in very bad shape and was scheduled to be euthanized the following day, Friday the 13th.

Needless to say, JKs Mom paid the adoption fees and begged him to pick up Calvin immediately. She instructed him to drive the cat to RSF as soon as possible. JKs Mom agreed to bring Calvin to her home, despite the lease restrictions.

She paid a visit to Petco and a palatial experience was awaiting Calvin at his new home. Additionally, she scheduled an appointment with Calvins previous vet.

On Friday the 13th, JK went directly from his law office to the shelter. He picked a very sickly Calvin up and drove him to All Creatures hospital in Rancho Santa Fe. His Mom and the vet were there to greet the suffering cat. After a thorough examination, the veterinarian informed them that Calvin was indeed on the brink of death. He was suffering from an upper respiratory disease, two ear infections, a bladder infection, he was anemic, severely dehydrated, had a hematoma on one thigh, and to make the matters worse, he had not eaten in days as he could not smell his food.

It is also worth mentioning how amazingly sweet he was while the vet examined him. The vet was drawing blood and prodding him in numerous places, sticking thermometers in his bottom and the entire time he was affectionate and purring loudly as he rolled from side to side begging for attention. He knew he was in good hands again.

Calvin was placed in intensive care at the hospital for three days. At the end of the third day Calvin was not eating, and the staff was unable to release him until he was capable of eating. JK asked the vet to leave him alone in the room with Calvin. While sitting with him, JK remembered that Calvin had lived with his brother Hobbs his entire life. They had never been separated. It was their practice to fight over the same bowl of food, in spite of the fact that they each had their own bowl.

JK brought the bowl over to Calvin and bent down on his knees, pretending to eat out of the bowl. When Calvin approached him, JK gently pushed him away from the bowl with his head, pretending to fight for the food. Within seconds Calvin was pushing his head into JK's head and ferociously consuming the food as if it were a competition. Success. Calvin was released and returned home to JK's mother's condo.

It took Calvin a few weeks with multiple medications and TLC to recover from his weakened state. Soon he was chasing the laser lights and playfully engaged. Calvin was back to his old self, and so grateful to have been saved.

He kisses and rolls on command, he hugs with both arms and lies down and purrs near anyone who welcomes him. He is happy to be home with his original owner, and is perhaps one of the most affectionate, loving, communicative cats to bless any persons life. He never stops purring and speaking. he sleeps with JKs Mom and affectionately embraces with one paw.

Calvin had been rescued twice from death by JK and his Mom. He has definitely cashed in on two of his cat lives. But what are the chances of this happening? What a tragedy it would have been to kill this wonderful creature.

There are many other Calvins in shelters waiting for some one to save them from execution, so that they may reward their owner with love, loyalty and affection.

All Creatures Hospital,
3665 Via de la Valle Del Mar, CA 92014 |
Phone: (858) 481-7992