Annual Wellness Exams


All-Lifestage Wellness Exams for Dogs & Cats

Annual Wellness Exams (for pets over 6 months - 7 years of age)

Your adult pet's care starts with their annual regular exam performed by one of our Veterinarians, which is needed to identify risk and prevent and/or delay the onset or progress of disease and for the early detection of potential problems. During your pet's wellness exam, the Veterinarian will also appraise and discuss the following with you about your pet:

  • Vaccination Schedule
  • Weight Management and Nutrition
  • Activity Level and Support
  • Dental Evaluation
  • Heartworm Test/Fecal Analysis for Internal Parasites/De-Worming
  • HomeAgain© Microchips

Mature Pet Wellness Exams (for pets over 7 years of age)

Many of the signs indicating that animals are approaching senior citizenship are the same for both cats and dogs, but they can indicate a variety of different problems.For the pet within their mature to golden years, we evaluate everything listed above in the Annual Wellness Exam as well as:

  • Lifestage Diagnostics - Any recommended bloodwork, X-Rays, blood pressure monitoring, etc.
  • Pain Management - The different types of pain include: acute pain (which comes on suddenly as a result of an injury, surgery, or an infection) and chronic pain (which is long lasting and usually develops slowly, such as arthritis). You can play a key role in monitoring your pet to determine whether they suffer from pain. Your Veterinarian can help discuss with you which is the right step (anti-inflammatory medications, bone/joint supplements) to take for treating your pet's pain symptoms.

Puppy & Kitten Packages (for pets 6 - 20 weeks of age)

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