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Heat Stroke in Animals: Pet Tips to Prevent Your Dog or Cat from Overheating

Heat stroke can be as devastating to pets as it is to humans. Unfortunately, it is even harder to detect in pets, as they cannot communicate their discomfort. However, there are signs and symptoms that pet owners can look for as warnings that a pet is overheating.

Pet Symptoms of Heat Stroke 

All Creatures Hospital brings you pet tips to assist with avoiding heat stroke. We can help with seeing the risk factors that indicate overheating and also provide treatment should your pet fall victim to heat toxicity, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The signs and symptoms of high heat stroke risk include:

Excessive panting

Redness in the gums, skin and membranes



Thick, ropy drooling




Causes of Heat Stroke

Untreated, heat stroke can lead to organ failure and even death. Its symptoms and warning signs should be regarded as very serious. Heat stroke in pets can be caused by:

Excessive walking, running or playing in hot weather

Not enough clean, cold water to drink

Pet is left in a closed car - unattended

An excess of sun exposure

Pets that are exhibiting signs of heat stroke should be brought immediately into air conditioning to rest and cool off. They should be provided with water to drink, and wetting them down can help lower their body temperature.

Tips For Your Pet

If symptoms continue, do not hesitate to bring them in for treatment. The following pet tips can help with avoiding heat injury:

Minimize walking and playing outdoors when temperatures are high

Provide a wading pool in the yard

Keep their water dish filled with cool, fresh water

Don’t leave pets unattended in a car

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