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 Veterinary Diagnostics At All Creatures Hospital

All Creatures Hospital has provided the Del Mar area with trusted veterinary services and a commitment to the best in pet care since 1983. We are a family business that is locally owned and strives to provide you and your furry friends with a friendly compassionate service. Veterinary diagnostics are an integral part of that service. With a recent remodel and modernization in 2015, our animal hospital is state of the art. We are fully equipped to bring you the absolute best in veterinary care.

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Veterinary Diagnostics

Veterinary diagnostics are essential to providing proper care for our patients and proper instruction for their human companion … you. These services include radiology such as x-rays, ultrasound, blood tests, and oncology services as well as access to a mobile cardiologist.

Mobile Ultrasound

Using sound waves to see inside your pet allows us to get a non-invasive visual of any issues. We have the services of a Board Certified  Veterinary Radiologist.


Radiology services like x-rays will help us located issues with your furry friend’s skeletal and internal structure.  X-Rays are used to diagnose  fractures;  abnormal growths; internal organ abnormalities; and more.

Mobile Cardiologist

We understand that your furry family members hold a special place in your heart. Our mobile cardiologist can provide services to make sure that their hearts are as strong and healthy as their love for you.

Blood Tests

There are a number of conditions and diseases which require a blood test for diagnosis. Here at All Creatures Hospital, we have the ability to run these tests ourselves. This, in turn, allows us to provide you and your animal companions with the answers and treatment that you both need.

Once our staff in the laboratory provides us with the test results, we can develop an informed plan of action. By having these diagnostic tools on site, we can provide treatment faster than those vets who must send their patients out for diagnostic services such as these. Faster treatment equals faster healing and less pain for your fur babies.

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