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We all know just how important it is to maintain a dental hygiene routine. It's important to continue to care for your pet's oral health, as dental issues can range from minor to severe. At All Creatures Hospital, our veterinary team has provided residents of Del Mar and Carmel Valley with reliable pet dental services for many years. Read on to learn more about the importance of pet dental care and how we can assist you.

Pet Dental Care

What is Pet Dental Care?

Pet dental care involves getting a physical check-up, diagnosing and treating any dental health issues.

Dental health issues that are common in dogs and cats include:

  • Periodontal disease is an infection caused by a buildup of plaque around your pet's teeth
  • Gingivitis is swelling and infection of the gums surrounding the teeth
  • Periodontitis affects teeth and the surrounding soft tissues
  • Loss of teeth, whether due to trauma, injury, or periodontal disease

Does My Pet Need to See a Veterinarian?

  • It's important to book an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as you notice signs of tooth damage or decay. Some signs of dental disease include:
  • Drooling
  • Chewing on one side
  • Blood on toys
  • Blood in their food bowl
  • Tooth loss
  • Bad breath
  • Swollen gums
  • New aggression or other changes in behavior
  • Refusing to eat hard foods

Our veterinarian will conduct a pet dental exam to determine the state of your pet's teeth. They will also determine if your pet needs extra care, such as an anesthetized dental cleaning. In addition, our veterinarian will recommend lifestyle changes at home to help treat your pet's dental health needs.

Pet Dental Care in Del Mar and Carmel Valley

Don't let your pet suffer from toothaches, mouth pain, or other dental issues. At All Creatures Hospital, we will work with you every step of the way to correct dental health issues. Call us today at (858) 481-7992 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.

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