Pet Eye Infections

An Overview of Pet Eye Infections and Eye Trauma at All Creatures Hospital, Inc.

At All Creatures Hospital, Inc., one of the most common reasons why people come to see us has to do with a pet eye infection. Pet eye infections in Del Mar can be serious. That is why we work hard to make sure that every pet has access to the care he or she needs

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The Symptoms of a Pet Eye Infection

One of the most common acute care issues that we see at our animal hospital is a pet eye infection. Similar to people, pets rely on their eyes constantly on a daily basis. Therefore, infections in the eyes can be very serious. It is important for everyone to know some of the most common symptoms that might accompany infection of the eye.

If a pet has an infection of the eye, there are a few symptoms that might develop. One of the most common symptoms of people might notice is that the eye will start to turn red. This redness will eventually progress to swelling. The swelling might get so bad that a pet has a hard time opening his or her eyes. After this, people might also start to notice drainage coming from the eyes. The drainage is a result of the immune system working hard to remove any bacteria or viruses that might have affected the eyes themselves.

Over time, the infection might progress to the point that pets are having trouble seeing. This might cause pets to walk into things such as chairs, tables, and walls. This is a sign that the infection is serious. In order to prevent the infection from getting to this point, it is important to seek the medical care of a trained veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Treatment of a Pet Eye Infection

When someone comes to the veterinarian for the treatment of the serious infection, the veterinarian might start by taking a sample of the fluid that is coming from the eyes. This fluid will then be culture to see exactly what is growing in the eyes. This will allow the veterinarian to tailor the treatment to match exactly whatever bug has caused the infection in the first place.

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