Pet Wellness Exam

Pets benefit from compassionate veterinary care and need to be examined at least once per year. Some pets require more frequent visits depending on their age and health condition. If it has been a while since your furry friend’s last checkup and you live in or around Del Mar or Carmel Valley, contact our veterinarians at All Creatures Hospital. Let’s take a look at some of the things involved in your pet’s annual wellness exam.

Pet Wellness exam.

Check the Basics

Your pet’s routine exam will begin with an assessment of your pet's weight, heartbeat, pulse, and temperature. The goal is to look for immediate problems that can be detected in your pet's vitals. For example, the vet may notice an irregular heartbeat or dramatic weight loss since the last appointment.

Oral and Dental Health

Pet dental health is often overlooked. The veterinarian will examine your pet's mouth to look for signs of tooth decay and infection. We may recommend bringing your pet in for a cleaning or for the removal of certain teeth as needed.

Parasite Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent long-term problems for your pet is to invest in parasite prevention. This involves preventing and eliminating fleas, ticks, and worms. The vet will check for heartworm, especially in dogs, because they are at higher risk for this common parasite.

Ears and Eyes

The vet always examines your pet's ears and eyes during a wellness exam. Vision and hearing are often the two most common abilities affected by aging. As your pet grows older, it is important that the vet pays attention to any signs that your pet is losing either sense.

Social and Behavioral Concerns

You will be able to bring up any concerns that you have about your pet's behavior. For example, you may have noticed that your dog is moodier than usual, or perhaps your cat has been lethargic. You should also bring up issues like not using the litter box or showing aggression toward other pets. These behaviors could be indicative of certain health issues.

Contact Our Veterinarians at All Creatures Hospital

At All Creatures Hospital, we provide quality veterinary care for pets in Carmel Valley and Del Mar. Pet wellness exams are an essential part of keeping a happy and healthy pet. Call our team today at (858) 481-7992 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form to schedule your pet’s next wellness exam.

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