Puppy and Kitten Care

Picking out that new puppy or kitten is exciting. All Creatures Hospital will answer your questions and ease your concerns about your new furry friend. Our veterinarian in Del Mar, CA, will guide you through the experience and treat your new addition with care and compassion.


First Steps

Puppies and kittens require special care to reach optimal health and proper weight. The services that we have available for your puppy or kitten include:

  • Initial Veterinary Exam
  • Microchip Identification Implantation (and be sure to complete the registration)
  • Vaccinations
  • Fecal Tests
  • Deworming and Heartworm Prevention
  • FeLV and FIV Tests for Cats
  • Spaying and Neutering

The Basics of Pet Care

It takes some planning when selecting the right cat or dog to adopt. For the most seamless transition, certain purchases and safety precautions are crucial before bringing your kitten or puppy home. The best practice when transporting your puppy or kitten is to use a pet carrier. It needs to be sturdy and safe. Just like with children, traveling with an unrestrained pet tends to be dangerous. Puppies and kittens are often afraid of moving vehicles. Without restraints, they might try to hide or become frantic.

Part of puppy care is learning what they prefer to eat and when they prefer to eat. But first, it is up to you to find the right food and water dishes. They also need bedding and a collar that will fit properly. Just because they have a microchip does not mean they do not require a collar as well.

Puppy care is exciting but also tricky. Young dogs are mischievous and often enjoy chewing on random things in a home. First, buy a toy they will enjoy. It may take a few attempts, but you’ll find the right fit eventually. Secondly, put everything up that might tempt a pup – shoes, clothes, and kid toys for example. Keep in mind that too many toys will confuse a puppy, and they need to be pet safe.

Puppy and Kitten Healthcare

You’ve bought bedding, food, and toys. The next step is to contact All Creatures Hospital to schedule an appointment for a wellness exam and to put your puppy or kitten on a vaccination schedule. Prevention is everything when it comes to your new pet. We offer puppy and kitten packages too that will address all of your new pet’s needs.

Your veterinarian will run tests and perform an exam to make sure your new puppy or kitten does not have any diseases and to look for markers of illnesses they may already have. Proper nutrition, socialization, house training, and behavioral issues will all be something our Technicians and Veterinarians can touch on to make the transition into your home easier.

All Creatures Hospital Is Your Veterinarian in Del Mar

At All Creatures Hospital in Del Mar, we are a full-service animal hospital. Our veterinarians will guide you through kitten care and support you through the journey of puppy care. Call us today at (858) 481-7992 to schedule a wellness visit to keep your new pet on the right track.

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