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On the day your pet is scheduled for an in-hospital procedure (surgery, dental, diagnostic testing, etc.), a Veterinary Technician will meet with you to discuss the procedures to be performed, answer questions or concerns, and present you with a cost estimate. Any necessary lab work will be performed in our state of the art in-house laboratory. Additionally, the Veterinarian will perform a complete physical examination and any concerns will be discussed with you prior to the procedure, so it is important that you are available by phone should the doctor need to reach you. We have a highly trained team that will provide exceptional care of your pet while in our facility. After the procedure, you will receive a phone call updating you on the status of your pet. Upon discharge, a Veterinary Technician will review the care that your pet will require at home with you. A written summary of these instructions will be provided as well.

Safe Anesthesia - We use the most modern inhalant anesthetic - Sevoflurane gas - as well as short-acting and reversible injectable anesthetics to make anesthesia as safe as possible for your pet. Every anesthetized patient has an anesthetic technician monitoring the patient's vital signs. A pulse oximeter continuously measures the patient's oxygen saturation, ECG, and other vital functions. Additionally, the patient's blood pressure is also measured. The trained anesthetic technicians and advanced patient monitoring help make your pet's anesthesia as safe as possible.

Surgical Services - Our surgical suite with positive pressure air flow helps protect your pet during surgery. The surgery room is equipped with the highest quality instruments including: pulse oximeters, ECG and blood pressure monitors, and electrocautery and suction.

Board Certified Specialists in Veterinary Surgery - Veterinary surgeons are available for consultation and for certain involved surgical procedures.

Board Certified Specialists in Veterinary Radiology, Ultrasound and Cardiology - Veterinary Radiologists and Cardiologists are available for consultation for ultrasound, non-surgical biopsies, and specialized X-ray procedures.

Oncology Services and Cancer Treatment - Our doctors are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of many different types of cancers that afflict dogs and cats. In addition to knowing and understanding cancer and the treatment of cancer, doctors work closely with the clients to help them understand the disease process and help clients make decisions on how to proceed.

Dentistry - A very important part of your pet's overall health care is maintaining good oral health. We use both hand instruments, ultrasonic hand pieces, and high speed dental machines to clean, scale, and polish patient's teeth.

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