Virtual Office Tour

Please take a virtual tour of our hospital and experience a typical visit at All Creatures Hospital

Upon arrival, clients park directly in front of the building and enter the hospital through our welcoming, jasmine-covered front entrance.

If your pet needs to make a quick stop or sniff around before your appointment, our lush, green yard is available all day long. This is also where several puppy and adult dog training classes (such as Kamp Kanine Training and Finest City Dog Training) are held throughout the week.

This is All Creatures Hospital's main lobby. Here is where our friendly front staff will welcome you and get you checked in for your appointment. The Client Service Representatives (CSRs) can also help you get prescriptions diets, assist in picking up prescriptions (but please call twenty-four hours ahead to request refills!), and aid you in getting many of your questions answered.

Once you have been checked in, one of our friendly and knowledgeable Veterinary Technicians will take you into an exam room to get the appointment started. During a preliminary exam, the Veterinary Technician will weigh your pet; ask some routine questions about his/her health; and perform a quick examination of his/her teeth, ears, coat and body condition.

After the Veterinary Technician has done the preliminary exam, your Veterinarian will meet with you in the exam room. The doctor will examine your pet, speak with you about your pet's health, and address any specific medical concerns you may have at that time.

Patients will be taken from the exam room to the treatment area if the Veterinarian needs to perform a more thorough exam or if diagnostic tests and treatments are needed. Of course, the doctor or the Veterinary Technician will review all diagnostics and recommended treatments with you and obtain your full permission before anything is performed. You may also request an estimate for the proposed cost of services before consenting to any treatment. Back in the treatment area, the doctors and Veterinary Technicians will perform diagnostic procedures or treatments.

Some procedures (i.e., dental cleanings, surgeries, diagnostic tests, etc.) require the patient to stay in the hospital until the procedure is finished and the pet has fully recovered.

All Creatures Hospital has a fully equipped surgery suite. Surgeries performed by our doctors include: spays and neuters, mass removal procedures, gastrointestinal and other exploratory abdominal procedures, and emergency surgeries. Board-certified surgeons are brought into the hospital to perform more involved procedures.

Once your pet's appointment and/or procedure are finished, a Veterinary Technician will fill any necessary prescriptions in All Creatures Hospital's full-service pharmacy. Clients may also obtain prescription refills by calling at least twenty-four hours ahead of time - once the prescription is filled, we will call you to let you know that it is ready. If we do not carry a particular prescription, many times it can be ordered either for pick-up at our facility or we can have it shipped directly to you, depending on the prescription.

Your veterinarian's partnership with Vetsource® means you can order quality prescription medications, food and health care products sourced directly from the manufacturer and have them shipped right to your front door. AutoShip allows you to schedule regular deliveries of your pet’s medications and food at your convenience. And with RemindMe, single doses of your pet’s flea, tick and heartworm preventatives arrive once a month when you need them - with free shipping!

Finally, you will make one last stop in the lobby for check out. Here, the Veterinary Technician will bring out your pet's prescriptions and review any go-home instructions, and the CSR will assist you in taking care of your bill.

And no matter how great the experience, we are sure your pet will be ready to go - after the CSR gives him or her a treat, of course!

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