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Veterinarian in Del Mar helping a dog

Services Provided at All Creatures Hospital

All Creatures Hospital is your trusted veterinarian in Del Mar, CA. We are pleased to offer our brand of compassionate, intuitive care to pet owners in Del Mar and the surrounding areas. Our large staff of veterinarians allows us to see a range of pet breeds and animal types. These include:  

  • Dogs
  • Cats

We are dedicated to providing expert care for all phases of your pet’s life, from several weeks old to adulthood to their senior years. 

Computerized Appointment Booking 

Our appointment booking service is computerized, allowing us to accurately and efficiently make appointments to see your pet. Our receptionists and staff will make every attempt to accommodate your request for care to the very best of our ability. 

Routine and Preventative Care 

We offer regular pet health exams to verify that your pet is in good health and enjoying a high quality of life. Routine exams allow us to look for developing health conditions so that they can be treated immediately before they have progressed. We also offer:

  • Blood panel testing
  • Parasite testing
  • Flea and tick care
  • Vaccines
  • Spaying and Neutering
  • Pet dental exams
  • Lifestyle consultation
  • Nutritional advice
  • Senior pet care

…And much more. 

Emergency Appointments and Urgent Care 

At All Creatures Hospital, we have qualified personnel on staff including a veterinarian who are equipped to handle urgent care for your pet six days per week. Pet emergencies can include:

  • Accidental ingestion of poison
  • Ingesting a foreign body
  • Getting hit by a car
  • Fight with another animal
  • Severe laceration
  • Broken bone

At All Creatures Hospital, your veterinarian in Del Mar, CA, we accept emergency pet care clients at any time during our normal business hours. Please call us or bring your pet in immediately during these hours if you feel your pet is having a medical emergency. Calling us ahead of time will allow a staff member to advise you on your particular emergency.

We also offer urgent care for situations that are not life-threatening as well. If your pet needs medical attention before the next available appointment, our veterinarians will do their very best to "squeeze" you in as soon as possible. When you arrive, you will be give an estimate by our receptionists regarding how long you’ll be required to wait before your pet can be seen.

Discount Opportunities

At your veterinarian in Del Mar, CA all Creatures Hospital, we offer discounts to both rescue groups and senior citizens. Pre-approval is required, so please call us ahead of your appointment for more information.

Schedule Your Pets Next Wellness Exam at Our Del Mar Veterinarian

If you are looking for a veterinarian in Del Mar or surrounding area, look no further that All Creatures Hospital. Our trusted vets are here to treat your pet and provide them the care you can confidently trust on. Call us today at (858) 481-7992.




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